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Click here to download the PDF of my sermon PPT. Of the many resources I used to prepare for the sermon the two best resources were Mark Boda’s OT Theology called “A Severe Mercy,” and Douglas Stuart’s commentary on Malachi.



Click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint. The article I used this week in class as a handout was Tim Keller’s article, “The Missional Church.”


Slide02 Click here to download the PDF of the PPT. We spent half of the class on common myths regarding Evangelism and half the class on misconceptions about God’s mission. Slide13


Click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint from this weeks class. The focus was on giving the class a 10,000 foot (big picture) view of missions in the Biblical Story. I used an article handout with the class from Christopher JH Wright called, “Whose Mission? Whose World?.”



Click here to download the PDF of the PPT I’m using for this sermon. Once I preach it and have the video I’ll post it below.


You can watch the video of the sermon below;


I was blessed to preach in our Psalms series this past Sunday. The Psalm I choose was Psalm 110. I choose the Psalm because I wanted to encourage our congregation to consider how they can read all the Psalms in light of Jesus. A number of OT scholars have been influential on how I read the Psalms, as well as a number of the Early Church commentaries on the Psalms. Click here to download a PDF of the PPT I used for the sermon. 


To view the video of the sermon click the video below;


This was the final class in an eight-week series called, “An Introduction to Presbyterianism.” Click here to download a PDF of the PPT I used for this class.  The “Missions in Recent Presbyterian History” was of course a very selective handling, mostly influences that I personally felt were significant to those of us doing ministry in Western settings or in cities.


Newbigin Seminar Poster

I recently had the privilege of leading a two-hour seminar on the life and theology of Lesslie Newbigin for a few churches in Florida. You can download the PowerPoint Presentations I created for the seminar here. (Both PPT’s are hosted at my Dropbox.) It was great to have the opportunity to share about Newbigin with pastors, lay leaders, and theology students who were in attendance.


Click here download a PDF of the PPT I’m using for this class on The Westminster Standards. This is a single class within a series we’re doing called, “An Introduction to Presbyterianism.” The textbook we’re using is S. Donald Fortson III’s book, “The Presbyterian Story.”

An Introduction to the Westminster Standards


You can click here to download the PPT in PDF formate. I summarized our series, as well as preached on the Great Commission. One of the most helpful things I read in preparation for this sermon was Amy Jill-Levine’s dissertation on Matthew. While her comments didn’t make their way into the sermon, her concerns for Israel and the Gentiles were present throughout my preparation. Others I found helpful include NT Wright, J. Andrew Overman, Craig Evans, and David Garland.


You can see the video of this sermon below:

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