Here’s the PDF of the powerpoint from my sermon today in our Matthew series. I’ll have the video up latter this week. Click here to download the PDF.

I do all my own powerpoint design including designing, on needed occasions, custom backgrounds by overlaying several images and photo-editing them.


Below is the video of my sermon:

Best Practices 2014 PPT Traininga

Here’s is part of our “Best Practices Training” we hosted for our Adult Education Ministry this past Friday. I did an 1 1/2hr training on how to construct excellent PowerPoints. All the samples spread throughout the PDF are things I’ve created in the past. Click here to download the PDF. 

Best Practices 2014 PPT Trainingb

An Introduction to the Missional Church Syllabus

I’m looking forward to leading this Adult Education class this Spring on the Missional Church. It will be an in-depth study of the Missional Church that encourages the participants to read some of the Father of the Missional Church, Lesslie Newbigin, writings for themselves. I plan on using a number of video’s as well by pastors like Tim Keller to fill out the practices of the Missional Church. Click here to download a PDF of this class syllabus.

This topic is a favorite of mine because a larger part of my Doctor of Ministry research at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI will be dedicated to studying Lesslie Newbigin’s missional ecclesiology and how it can help shape the local churches philosophy of Adult Education.

An Introduction to the Missional Church Syllabusb

Henri Nouwen Week Two

Here are the notes from week two of my class on Henri Nouwen’s book “Making All Things New: An Invitation to the Spiritual Life.” Each week I intentionally set the book in the wider historical context of Nouwen’s life at the time of its composition, and I try to fill out some of his thoughts with other books he wrote during the same period of time at Yale. In addition to doing this I have added more scriptural support for his arguments and explored some things he left unexplored. Click here to download a PDF of the PPT from this week.

Henri Nouwen Week Twob

Henri Nouwen intro

I spent week one on introducing Henri Nouwen to the class and helped place our book in the wider historical context of Nouwen’s life at Yale and his sabbatical at the Abbey of the Genesee. Click here to download a PDF of this PPT.

If you have an interest in studying Henri Nouwen in greater depth I have found that the best biography on him is a pictorial one by Michael O’Laughlin called “Henri Nouwen: His Life and Vision.” Most people will point to Michael Ford’s biography, “Wounded Prophet,” but Ford himself in the preface says his book is less a biography and more a portrait of Nouwen. One of the strengths of O’Laughlin’s biography is that he includes quotes from Nouwen’s writings that were written during that time in his life so you leave the book with not only a biographical understanding of Nouwen, but also an exposure to several of his writings.

Henri Nouwen introb

Making all Things New Syllabus

This is a four-week class on Henri Nouwen’s book “Making All Things New: An Invitation to the Spiritual Life.” Because the book is only three chapters long the first class was spent on introducing Henri Nouwen. This is the first of many classes I’m hoping to teach on Nouwen’s writings at Centerpoint. Click here to download a PDF of the syllabus. I’m in the process of standardizing this approach to syllabus’s within our Adult Education ministry.

Making all Things New Syllabusb

Spring Adult Ed Catalogue 2014

I’m excited to see our Spring Classes for Adult Education roll out soon at Centerpoint. Once we finalize the last one of these we get to go to print. Its been great helping our classes increase in number, while also helping our teachers increase in number. And its been great to help our church create more integration between our retreats and day seminars with our classes so that we offer a class that is connected to and follows each church-wide retreat and/0r seminar. Click here to download the PDF of our Spring 2014 Catalogue. 

PPT background for Matt 12b

I had the pleasure of being able to preach again in our series in Matthew, this time on Matthew 12 (primarily on Jesus and the Sabbath, vss 1-21). You can click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint I created for the message.

The Scandal Of Jesus Matthew 12 New Version
Below is the video of my sermon;



Click here to download a PDF of the PPT I used to lead an introduction to the parables as part of a four-week class on “Understanding the Parables of Jesus” I’m co-leading. The first class was an introduction to the parables, the next three will focus on groups of parables in loose categories like: Kingdom, Discipleship, and Neighbor. We are using copies of chapters and/or articles from books for the text assignments for the class. To prepare for this class I primarily used Kenneth Bailey’s “Seeing Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes”; NT Wright’s “Jesus and the Victory of God”; Craig Bartholomew’s “Interpreting the Parables”; and Klyne Snodgrass’s “Stories with Intent.”


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