I took a break from our sermon series called “Not the usual suspects,” where we’ve been exploring characters in the biblical stories we skip over, to look at an object we skip over – the manger. Clicker here to download a PDF of the Power Point I used: Not the usual object 16.9.


Click below to see the video of this sermon,


Click here to download the PDF of tonights class: Augustine Week 4. Its been a great adventure moving through Augustine’s life and works these past four weeks. I’m going to miss this class and our discussions!



Click here to download the PDF of the PPT I’m using tonight: Augustine Week 3. Tonight we conclude the biographically focused part of the class and move onto Augustine the writer, looking at book culture in his period, and a number of his more important books, letters, and sermons.



Click here to download a PDF of the classes PPT: Augustine Week 2. We concluded our two-week survey of his life. Our next two classes are focused on his works and abiding influence.



This sermon was the first sermon in a new series we’re doing at Centerpoint called, “Not the Usual Suspects.” In this series we are exploring characters that tend to get skipped over in our reading of Scripture. Because yesterday was the first day of Advent we began this series by looking at characters in the birth narratives that get skipped over.

I choose to look at the lives of Zachariah and Elizabeth, with a special attention to Luke 1:5-25. Click here to download a PDF of the PPT I used for my sermon yesterday: Holy yet human.


To watch the video of this sermon click the vimeo video below.


You can click the following link to download a PDF of the PPT I used during this first week.Click here: Augustine Week 1.


Exploring_The_Saints_Augustine_copy_3This is the first in a new series of classes coming to Centerpoint that take participants on a tour of the lives and works of the Saints. Click here for a Class Syllabus on Augustine.


I love being a reviewer for InterVarsity Press. These came in today. Mark Boda is an exceptionally gift Hebrew Bible scholar that is able to do detailed work while retaining a larger vision of the biblical story, and Os Guinness spoke at my seminary graduation. A number of his writings were assigned in our apologetics classes at Westminster.

You can get Return To Me: A Biblical Theology of Repentance by Mark J. Boda at Amazon by clicking here.

You can get Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion by Os Guinness at Amazon by clicking here.


Click here to download a PDF of the PPT I used. This was part of a series of Sermons we’re doing at Centerpoint called, “I Stand.” In this series we’re exploring things we are called to stand for, against, and with as Christians.


Click below to see a video of this sermon.

Class Resources

This Fall Adult Education Ministry at Centerpoint will start a new series of classes that emphasize the value of having our faith shaped by the stories and writings of saints in the past. I get to kick of these classes with a class dedicated to Saint Augustine. Over five weeks (with a one week break) I’m going to be exploring Augustine’s life, works, and abiding influence today.

I choose Henry Chadwick’s translation of Saint Augustine’s classic book Confessions because Chadwick has a great intro in the book and because I want the class to actually read Augustine while we study his life and writings. You can click here to download a PDF of the class syllabus.

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