While completing my PhD in Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen I am serving as pulpit supply for Church of Scotland congregations in the Aberdeenshire Presbytery. It is such a blessing to preaching in churches that have been a blessing to generations of Christians. The churches are as beautiful from the outside as they are from the inside. As I’ve talked with members at a few of the churches it has been wonderful to hear all their stories of how their churches have been faithful presences for Christ in their city for hundreds of years.

In order to capture these sermons I’m recording on an iPhone because the churches don’t have the capability to do video sermons. The quality of this sermon recording is not as good as my video sermons from Centerpoint but it nevertheless is a way for me to share my preaching experiences in Scotland while I’m here. You will also notice that almost all the Church of Scotland churches practice manuscript style preaching rather than multi-media driven preaching. So there is no Power Point for this sermon like my sermons from Centerpoint.


You can click here to download a PDF of the Power Point I used for my Doctor of Ministry Public Presentation at Western Theological Seminary. Click here: DMin Public Presentation Tony Stiff copy

I also designed a Power Point for the closed door examination but I’m not going to share that publicly since that was closed door.


Many of you have reached out to my wife and I and asked how you can help us over these next three to four years. Here are three things you can do:

1) The best place to begin is by learning more about what we are doing and why. The story shared on our GoFundMe account sheds light on that. If you would like to read more about disability and the church, and read some of the professors I will be working under at Aberdeen consider purchasing Disability in the Christian Tradition edited by Brian Brock and John Swinton. The authors in this book explore how the topic of disability has been engaged throughout Church History.

2) Please consider praying for us. You can do that as you see updates on our WordPress Blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Once we get settled in Aberdeen we will share prayer request updates either on a blog or newsletter (more TBA).

3) You can consider helping us with the cost of my tuition. So far Jessica and I have already received $5,750 in gifts toward my tuition costs. Below is a GoFundMe account created to help those who would like to financially support us.

Thanks Friends for the love and support in this season!



Click here to download the Power Point of this presentation: Food-related disabilities. The workshop I lead at the 2017 Summer Institute of Theology & Disability was about an hour in length and had about 10-12 participants. I am a parent of a child with food-related disability and an incoming PhD student at the University of Aberdeen where I will do research in the area of disability theology on food-related disabilities.



Click here to download a PDF of this sermon: Getting Personal 2 Timothy 4.9-22. It was a stand alone sermon in a break in a series of sermons our church was doing on the Lord’s Prayer. It was also the last sermon I had the honor of preaching while serving as an Associate Pastor at Centerpoint Community Church of Roseville, CA. My family is moving to Aberdeen, Scotland in August so that I can begin work on a PhD in the area of disability theology. We will miss our beloved church family at Centerpoint greatly and are deeply thankful for all the love and support they gave to our family for the seven and a half years I was with them. I will still be serving them until July 15, and will continue to pray for them daily as I know many of them will be praying for my family in this new season.


See the video of this sermon below:


Click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint I used for this sermon: Grace. It’s Complicated. This was a stand alone sermon, during a break in a sermon series we were doing on The Lord’s Prayer.


See the video of this sermon below.


This is a four-week class I’m leading with a local Adjunct Professor at William Jessup University. The class gives participants an overview of social justice from the perspective of the biblical story. Week one looks at what social justice is. Week two explores social justice in the Old Testament. Week three explores social justice in the New Testament. And week four explores a number of significant social justice questions facing the church today.

Click here to download the PDF of the PPT I used for this class: Week One – Introducing Social Justice. Because it meets on Sunday’s it is only an hour long class. The textbook we are using for this class is called, “The Justice Calling” by Bethany Hanke Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson. Kristen is a professor at the seminary I’m doing a Doctor of Ministry at.


Running the Race of Faith

Click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint I used for this sermon: Running The Race Of Faith. This was a stand alone sermon, in the middle of a sermon series we were doing on the Lord’s Prayer.


See the video for this sermon below.


This was the last week of my four week class on the life and teaching of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. I will miss spending time each week in his writings, in the history of the modern Civil Rights Movement, and with this class as we discussed, listened to, and watched his sermons and speeches. Click here to download this week’s material: mlk-class-week-4.



Click here to download the Power Point in PDF format from the third week of my class: MLK Class Week 3.pdf. Next week we will finish up looking at a few of his key sermons and them move on to looking at a few of his famous speeches.