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Click here to download a PDF of the Power Point I used for this class: Evangelism Harvie Conn Class Week Two. This portion of the class covered chapters 2 & 3 of Harvie Conn’s book, “Evangelism: Preaching Grace and Doing Justice.”

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This past Sunday I preached on the theme of communication in the book of proverbs, looking particularly at Proverbs 18:21 and 15:4. Click here to download my a PDF of the PowerPoint I used for this sermon in our topical summer sermon series in the book of Proverbs: Life Giving Communication.


See the video of my sermon below.


Last summer we began a topical series through the book of Proverbs. I restarted that series with this message. Click here to download a PDF of my sermon powerpoint: Proverbs 4 Wisdom In An Information Age.


The video for this sermon can be watched below.


I’m leading a four-week class this summer on Evangelism based off of Harvie M. Conn’s book, “Evangelism: Doing Justice and Preaching Grace.” Click here to see a PDF of the first week’s PowerPoint I’m using for this class: Evangelism Harvie Conn Class Week One.

I did my Master’s of Divinity at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. The emphasis track of my MDiv was Urban Missions,  a program Harvie Conn created at Westminster. I’m excited to explore this topic over four week’s using Harvie’s book.



Too often we skip over the beginning and closing of the letters of the New Testament. But they are filed with meaning and power for our lives. In this sermon I explore Paul’s Salutations and Benedictions. Click here to download the Power Point in PDF formate for this sermon: Living From Grace to Grace.


To watch the video of my sermon click the vimeo player below.

I Am the Gate 16.9 Version

Click here to download the PDF of the PowerPoint from my sermon: I Am the Gate. This sermon was part of a new series of sermons we’re preaching called, “Sheep Tales.”

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The video from this sermon is posted below,


I took a break from our sermon series called “Not the usual suspects,” where we’ve been exploring characters in the biblical stories we skip over, to look at an object we skip over – the manger. Clicker here to download a PDF of the Power Point I used: Not the usual object 16.9.


Click below to see the video of this sermon,


Click here to download the PDF of tonights class: Augustine Week 4. Its been a great adventure moving through Augustine’s life and works these past four weeks. I’m going to miss this class and our discussions!



Click here to download the PDF of the PPT I’m using tonight: Augustine Week 3. Tonight we conclude the biographically focused part of the class and move onto Augustine the writer, looking at book culture in his period, and a number of his more important books, letters, and sermons.



Click here to download a PDF of the classes PPT: Augustine Week 2. We concluded our two-week survey of his life. Our next two classes are focused on his works and abiding influence.



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