Click here to download the PDF from the PPT from this class. I also used two handouts for this class: a short article written by Christopher JH Wright called “Whose world? Whose mission?”; and a short article I wrote in 2006 called “Reading the Bible Missionaly.” Click the titles of those articles to download them.



You can click here to download the PDF of this PPT. Our class handout article from this week was written by J. Todd Billings, “How to Read the Bible.” We have one final class to go.



Click here to download a PDF of the PPT for this week’s class. The outside class assignment this week was a video of Gordon Fee sharing the highlights of his book, “How To Study the Bible for All its Worth.” You can find Gordon Fee’s video here.



Click here to download the PDF of my PowerPoint presentation for this class. It is the first week of a four week class I’m leading on how to read the bible. Some of the resources I’m encouraging the class to use include: Joel B. Green’s book Seized by Truth; some of Gordon Fee’s online video materials on reading the bible; an article by J. Todd Billings on reading the bible; and a handout I designed six years ago called “A Missional Reading of Scripture.”


How To Read the BIble

Click here to download a PDF of the class syllabus. More information is coming soon.


This sermon is part of a five-week sermon series called, “Faith That Works.” As part of the worship we closed with a special music piece written by John Mark McMillan called “Death In His Grave.” Click here to download the PDF of the PPT.


See the video of the sermon I preached below.


Title Slide

Click here to download the PDF of my sermon PPT. Of the many resources I used to prepare for the sermon the two best resources were Mark Boda’s OT Theology called “A Severe Mercy,” and Douglas Stuart’s commentary on Malachi.


You can see the sermon video below;


Click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint. The article I used this week in class as a handout was Tim Keller’s article, “The Missional Church.”


Slide02 Click here to download the PDF of the PPT. We spent half of the class on common myths regarding Evangelism and half the class on misconceptions about God’s mission. Slide13


Click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint from this weeks class. The focus was on giving the class a 10,000 foot (big picture) view of missions in the Biblical Story. I used an article handout with the class from Christopher JH Wright called, “Whose Mission? Whose World?.”


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