If you like Jack Johnson you will love Frankenreitter. Besides having a difficult name to pronounce he also has a complex sound, filled with jazz, blues, rock, and of course funk. He’s a Cally surfer who’s worked on projects with Jack Johnson in the past. This is his first solo album. I can vouch for it because my wife and I danced to his track ‘butterfly’ at our wedding this last January.

Don’t get things twisted he’s comparable to Jack Johnson but he definitely has his own sound. I think the difference is in Frankenreitter more progressive hard beating vibe. If you can’t tell I have become a fan. Its hard to find good music to listen to that doesn’t get played out on the radio. Frankenreitter is one of those good finds. You should also check out surf film soundtracks. Moonshine films put out a series of films that all have soundtracks, from that bunch my favorite is ‘September Sessions’. If you need to relax and just vibe for a while this guy will get the job done for you and so will those soundtracks.