No that is not a colapsing building you’re looking at, its the funky MIT architecture in Boston. Jess and I went to Boston this month during spring break to visit her cousin and her fiance. It was a beautiful town with a lot of architectural diversity spread throughout it. I must admit I had been wanting to make this trip for quite sometime. I enjoy making trips as often as we can.

I was not totally happy with our time there though, one thing I was wanting to see for awhile was Harvard. I had visited Princeton and Yale but never Harvard. All and all I was disappointed with their architecture, it looked as though the giant wasn’t getting a big enough budget to have as nice a campus as Yale had.

I love seeing art in building design, to see the imaginative use of so many mediums put together to form one overall creation. It reminds me of God’s glory in the way he created the earth and all that is in it. Art is a very imageo dei sort of affair. Meaning simply that our role as creatures made in God’s image comes out very clear in artistic enterprise, the role to imitate Him and celebrate his glorious creativity.