I’d like to be in Tokyo this month, why? My old roomate was from Japan, he’s cool so Japan is probably pretty cool right? Just kidding, I would like to be in Tokyo because I’m a huge Lost in Translation fan and I’ve always wanted to go and see the place where Bill Murphy switches to beer.

Just kidding again, I would love to go to Tokyo because I love cities especially big ones and it doesn’t get much bigger than Tokyo. I’m also pretty interested in seeing what the ethnic and cultural make up of the city is. I’m wondering if has as great a diversity as some of our East Coast cities or if its pretty monolithic since its so far out of the way for most travelers.

Also I would love to see some of the newer technology people are using today. I spent a month in Hong Kong awhile back and everything was like 5years ahead of American technology. I would love to hit some of the hot spots and get some saki. I think my wife and I would have a pretty good time getting lost in all the roads with signs we wouldn’t remember. So if you read this blog and you’re living in Tokyo, my friend drink some saki for me.