I recieved some very hard news today right at the beginning of my Poetry and Wisdom final. Tim, a friend of mine commited suicide last night right after his ethics final. Tim walked out of class and kept walking…

This is the hardest death i’ve been touched by since the passing of my Grandfather. I spent my first year at Westminster in the Limekiln dorm, Tim and I where dorm mates. He always displayed a peaceful spirit of love and gentleness. He loved Christ deeply and he loved the church from the riches Christ had filled his heart with. I’m heart broken and confused at Tim’s decision to take his life and the manner in which he did it. No one knew Tim was at this deep a place in his depression. He had friends ministering to his depression, but to be honest we all get depressed and stressed at the pressures we encounter at seminary. I think we may have been numbed to Tim’s inner struggle because of that.

Please Keep Tim’s family in your prayers, as well as the rest of the student body. We thought we were going to graduate together and celebrate, now there is a dark cloud over our seminary community. Tim had been studing Qohelet in Poets with me, looking at the vanity of what is done under the sun. My prayer for Tim’s family is that they can take heart because he has finally recieved his portion in the presence of the Lord he loved and served. And the sorrow Tim felt in this life has been overwhelmed by the joy he will forever experience with his savior. Tim, we will rejoice again with you brother, but now is our time to cry.

If anyone needs counsel in this grieving process I’ve been informed that CCEF has opened there doors to us. There is strength and comfort in grieving together.