I want to tell you a secrete…I know the greatest surf artist in the world his name is Gaston Locklear. I don’t know him personally but his works are displayed all over my wife and I’s home. If you can imagine deep oil pan’ts depicting far away places of journey and adventure, if you can imagine compelling stories of retreat and communion, if you can picture beauty in the midst of an expanse of space, then you can imagine what Gaston Locklear’s paintings are like.

His prints are very affordable, the frames are not that quality but what lies beneath the plexy is. He’s genuine and authentic and the stories his paintings tell are familiar to any surfer who’s been to a surf spot highlight – Costa Rica, Africa, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, OBX, Florida, California, and the list goes on. Gaston paints them not be living vicariously through others but by being imerssed in the journey himself.

For his site click here: http://gastonlocklear.com/