The last three chapters of Franke where different than the first two, I found some of my previous questions being answered and others remaining. I’m working through how I’m going to review so much material…I’ll labor to be fair and full, while also being critical of the things that leave me with questions or concerns. Overall I feel that Franke’s book hit on things my class with Dick Gaffin did not, but I’m still favoring the content of prolegomena given by Gaffin than I am of Franke’s. Largely because, Gaffin’s prolegomena was very exegetical, hit on significant issues in a robust doctrine of scripture and left me more prepared to think biblically about scripture and theology. Whereas Franke’s reflections left me more prepared to think about culture and the nature of being human as I construct my prolegomena…a via media is in order between the two men, but also a fair bit of critique as well. Both have taught me, one in person the other in pen; both have enriched me view of theology and scripture.