My favorite art topic of the month is the Royal Palm Resort on South Beach, Miami FL. My wife and I spent the second half of our honeymoon there. The inside of the hotel is filled with unique art deco accents and lounges spanning entire floors in large circular bends. I’ve been in love with the culture and art of Miami since I was first introduced to it. The famous artist, Brito, has a cafe studio in the hotel.

The first time I visited Miami was when my wife and I were in the early stages of our romance, I flew down to visit here and meet all here girl roomates. Whenever you meet the roomates you know you’re being tested. Guess I passed! I can remember what that day was like because its easily one of the most memorable ones I have in the last few years. I spent my morning taking an Ancient Church History final at Westminster and my evening dancing on tables at Ooppa! with Jess and her roomates. If you ever have a chance you’ve go to go to Miami but if you do make sure you have lots of time to experience everything there!!!