I’d like to be in sunny south Caly sipping a smoothy and eating at In ‘n’ Out burger, possibly scarfing a 4by4 cheese burger….

If you thought the picture to the left is California you where wrong its Bournemouth Peir in England. I’d like to be in England this month catching up on some longboarding where the waves…well you can tell they go on and on, but the crowds are low compared to Caly or even my native Coco Beach Fl shores.

I can picture it now, a bit of lunch with one of the local U.K. theologian gurue’s at London Seminary and then off to Bournemouth for sets ‘n’ service as Jess and I meet new people and share stories of our Christian journey. Someday we’ll get to England but this summer we’re going to North California for some sets ‘n’ service. I’ll be preaching at the Underground http://www.undergroundcafe-roseville.com/home.php, a Christian concert venue that gathers crowds anywhere from 300 to 700, a friend of mine from Westminster Theological Seminary in Phily is the pastor of the ministry. And I’ll be taking Jess – my wife – out to surf the California coast for her first time ever. We plan to surf the Golden Gate bridge! Just two hours away from where we’ll be. We’re going out to Caly because we’re considering moving out there for ministry after I graduate in May. Please keep us in prayer, that the Lord would direct our steeps and make His plans and calling clear to us. Also pray for open doors of mission while we’re out there!