The day was overcast but the waves were building for most of the morning. My wife and I had the pleasure of going on our first family vacation since we’ve been maried, last January. I was born in L.A. and my wife had never been to California so we took the trip west together and surfed Santa Cruz. As well as visited San Fransico, the High Sierra Nevada mountains, Nevada City, and Sacramento – the trip was a whirl wind of fun with our friends from Westminster Seminary, Joshua and Rachel Lickter.

At first we thought we’d get to surf the Golden Gate bridge but there were to many legistical problems involved, bummer! Santa Cruz was a good second. It was crowded but we still caught a few waves before heading further up to see Steamer Lane where the pros and pro-ams surf and also to see Mavericks, one of the biggest wave breaks in the world. We’re in love with each other and in love with Caly. I had an informal get together with a PCA pastor out there, please keep that in prayer for us because we’d love to end up in California doing missional church ministry!