My wife’s sister was visiting us for an extended weekend stay. Part of the four day excursion was spent in a little hip town by Eastern and Villanova college. We stopped in at the local non-corporate coffee shop to see how their coffee measured up to the ‘women with the flowing hair’. Not bad coffee, a little better than Starbucks which is normally the case with the hip local coffee corners.


Something we pay attention to in local coffee shops is their art gallery, which usually is a smaller local artist. This one had an artist we’d never heard of before, a California out of towner, Emmy Lou Packard Packard’s prints are my art choice of the month. I really appreciate her clearly defined characters, marked out by broad carvings. (Did I mention that a lot of her art is print blocks). I also loved the fact that she has a studio out in San Fran, and many of her blocks are artistic expressions of field works in the valley with the flowing hills behind them. My favorite piece by her is the ‘Half Moon Bay’ scene. Though her wharf characters are great as well.  (Being a born in Caly I’m a bit bias on this posting…aren’t I always though)