“Already at an early stage in Reformed theology, it was deemed necessary to describe the essence of theology and its foundations before treating the actual dogmas. Polanus (1561-1610) already made a distinction between the foundation (principia) and the articles of faith (articuli fidei).” (Reformed Dogmatics: Prolegomena V1, pg. 108)

Every Christian wrestles with the reality Bavinck records Polanus laying out, we all have principia and we all have articuli fidei. Theology can often times appear to be the intellectual cocktail of the elite, but it is far from this, rather its the dollar drafts that everyone partakes of. 

One thing that must stand out to all of us as we consider being theologians is how we will go about selecting and acknowledging our external and internal principia of theology. Theology is not just something we construct, its not just articuli fidei, rather its something organic to our spiritual stories, our communities, and our cultural affections. Neither is theology merely a matter of principia, as though we can change the whole religion game around every time we have a change of principia, theology to be sure is about an articuli fidei that has been discussed and approached by many people throughout history with different principia.

What plays into your principia, both external and internal?

Which articuli fidei do you find yourself most fixated upon, and are your cultural affections or communal conditionings causing you to neglect very ancient, universal articuli fidei?