“…the congregation as the hermeneutic of the gospel…” (Leslie Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society)

Newbigin’s message in this short quote was not new, but it was potent. And Its potency has lead to a revival of the notion that the Church is not largely a ‘come to us sort of structure’, but rather a ‘go to them sort of structure’. The Church as a sent body is the heartbeat of the revived interest in missionally shaped eccelsiologies today.

How does this short, but potent quote challenge your thoughts about the Church? Can the Church be both an institution and a sent congregation? Notice that Newbigin did not say if the Church is righteous or Christ ward then she is a hermeneutic of the gospel, he simply said she is a hermeneutic of the Gospel; what are her lenses saying to the world looking through them?