I found this artist through a friends blog who’s hosting here this month, Justin Moore.

Erica has an interesting way of doing art, its called the encaustic method. Listen to her thoughts upon it;

I work in a medium called encaustic, which can be literally translated from the Greek as “to burn in”. The Encaustic medium is the method of painting using dry pigment and molten wax. It is an archaic form of painting which has been experiencing a modern revival over the past 50 years and it has proven to be one of the most archival methods of painting. Most often, modern encaustic painters (me included) are largely self-taught and for one reason or another feel absolutely drawn to the medium from the roots of more common media such as oil paint. I find that the encaustic medium provides the vehicle I need to best express my goals in painting, as I am continually seduced by the process itself.

Painting for me can best be described as an extremely passionate, maddening dance. I go in circles working on several paintings at once, constantly interacting with them, giving and taking – a literal baptism by fire. I aim to express an emotion or a specific tone to the viewer, but not to confine them with specifics to alter their personal interpretation. These organically based abstractions are often interpreted as ephemeral landscapes, though often times I rely on the viewer to find and create their own images from the composition. I absolutely pour myself into my artwork with blood, sweat and tears, but once the painting is complete I relinquish my control. I long for the viewer to connect with it and to make it their own. This connection of a viewer having an internal, meaningful conversation with the painting is ultimately at the heart of why I paint.

Erica Brown is a Philadelphia area native. She is both self-taught and largely influenced by her education at Tyler School of art. She has been involved in several solo shows, group shows, and donated pieces to charity auctions. She has pieces in private collections from coast to coast. Miss Brown has a background in art education and art therapy. She currently resides and has her studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Erica Brown regularly shows her work at the artisan gallery in Phoenixville and Rose Valley Restorations Gallery in West Chester.

You can find Erica’s art here on her website.