Peterson and ‘generic’ usually don’t mix in the minds of homeletic readers, in fact Peterson is about the most un-generic writer on the market. His use and control of adjectives are unparalleled, and his depth of spiritual insight is cross-traditional in its influence and import. So how can Peterson teach us to be ‘generic’?

Glad you asked, in a chapter in Peterson’s book, The Contemplative Pastor, he discusses the apocalypic nature of being a pastor. He carries this conversation out under these headings;

  • Apocalyptic Prayer
  • Apocalyptic Poet
  • Apocalyptic Patience

By saying that Peterson can teach us to be ‘generic’, I’m referencing his ability to bring us into functioning in an apocalyptic manner in our churches. An apocalyptic pastor is someone who submits himself to Saint John’s image in Revelation – the crises of the End combined with the urgencies of God – and lets the energies of the apocalyptic define and shape them.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Well try pulling it off when your sitting through four hour meetings a couple times a week discussing boring internal buisness, but thats precisely the point – isn’t it?