#1 pick is the Robert August shaped board, What I Ride Model. And this is what I ride! Its nice, its very nice!

#2 Hobie’s Vintage Model Surfboard or their Endless Summer Model – toss up here…

#3 Reynolds Yater Model, by Yater Boards. For some of you, you maybe asking yourself why this cool looking board isn’t at the top? Well its a Balsa board and its a lot heavier than the other boards, while it may look great I’m not sure it turns that great in the NorthEast waves that are steep and tend to flop over all at once.

#4 Kid Quick Model, by Channel Island Designs. This is great short board with a classic feel to it, I personally ride a JC Hawaii for a short board but mines more of a thrasher than this model.

#5 SD-3, by J.C. Hawaii. The neat thing about this shaper is that he’s a Christian and he’s shaped some of the more significant boards in surfing history, and for some of the biggest riders today. This board was shaped for Shane Dorian, hence SD.