One of the two key texts for our Modern Church History class with Dr. Jeff Jue is America’s God by Mark Noll, for those who’ve read it I thought you might find Lucas’s review of America’s God a helpful interaction. Lucas is a professor down at Covenant Seminary. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly at General Assembly during my sojourn with Rob and Bob Burns. (Bob Burns is like the Harrison Ford of the PCA, everyone knows and respects him) Click here to read the review. Sean Michael Lucas is also a blogger, click here to visit his blog.

Sean has also recently put out his biography of Robert Dabney through P&R, click here to purchase it. Those southern Presbyterians were an interesting bunch, and still are, it reminds me of how broad and encompassing the PCA is. A friend of mine who used to pastor with Mark Dever is fond of reminding me of something Pastor Mark says, its not the Presbyterian Church of American its the Presbyterian Churches of America. 🙂