“Thus the religious organ being found, not in the whole of our being, but in part of it, being confined to our feelings and our will, consequently also the sphere of religious life must assume in consequence the same partial character. Religion is excluded from science, and its authority from the domain of public life; henceforth the inner chamber, the cell for prayer, and the secrecy of the heart should be its exclusive dwelling place.” (Lectures on Calvinism, pg. 50, Abraham Kuyper)

Part of the guiness of the Old Amsterdam Movement in Post-Reformation thought was their application of theology to the whole of life, to pull down the walls that keep Christians theological convictions isolated from certain areas of life and to challenge any compartmentalization of Religion. It doesn’t get much clearer than Abraham Kuyper’s life and writings that this form of ‘theologizing’ has rich benefits for the Church as well as the larger part of society.

I’m reading through Kuyper’s little work, Lectures in Calvinism, for the fourth time in my seminary education. Each time I’ve read it I leave encouraged to apply God’s word to all sphere’s of life. There are to be sure clear points of concern or disagreement between Kuyper and myself, such as his use of ‘bloodlines’ to argue for the supremacy of Calvinistic theology (scary arguement!), but by and large I appreciate the passion of his thought and the conviction he holds that indeed theology nor Religion can be placed in compartments without serious harm done to its role in the sphere’s of life they still exist within.

What are the compartments or sphere’s where you see Religion least involved today? What are the areas of your life where your theological convictions seem to lie dormant? Is there a place for theological interpretation to be absent from in our ‘high rise condo lives’?