Oil on canvas, Judith S. Miller is one of several artists who’s works are featured on New York Artist Network. I chose this piece as my art of the month because I appreciated the way she took something very metalic, stationary, and lifeless and gave it a spirit of its own, allowing it to dance effortlessly in the waters of I would imagine Central Park. It reminded me that though the city often seems dark, cold, and hard it is a place full of unexpected light and life. ‘God send your people to the city, to heal her, to live with her, to identify with her…’ She has several other pieces that I really enjoyed, I encourage you to visit the artist gallery and click on her name.

 Something about the city as much as about the water enchants me, as if both of them are apart of my makeup. Mark, Justin, and Matt you guys are blessed to live in the big apple; take a stroll brothers and enjoy the park 🙂