My wife and I had the pleasure of worshiping the Lord with this view in the background this morning (we’re over toward the left, I’m behind the orange jacket Jenna, Jessica’s sister). There is a ministry that comes up the mountain and meets the skiiers near the top of one of the outlooks. It was a wonderful time of worship with my wife and her extended family, about 16 of us. This was one of the more beautiful moments of communal worship I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

Telluride is quiet the place, latter in the day I lifted up with Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley just behind me, and skied the slopes with Tom-Kat (they’re snowboarders or at least they were today, Katie got stuck on the same flat I did, its all about momentum in Prospect bowl), apparently they own a place near by. I got to do my first Colorado blacks – The Plunge, and Confidence; and had lunch at Guiseppes with my wife and her family. This is my second best vacation experience with her, just below our honeymoon together, and just above our North Caly trip last summer.

My bodies aching but my heart is happy!