I’ve decided to add a new category to my blog categories, ‘The Bean’, I’ll be dedicating posts to one of my passions in life (not to mention addictions) coffee!

Here are the top five Latte’s I’ve had:

  1. Mocha-Choco Latte at The Steaming Bean in Telluride, Colorado.
  2. Vanilla Latte at Chestnut Hill Coffee Company in Chestnut Hill/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  3. Coconut Latte at InFushion Coffee in Germantown, Pennsylvania.
  4. Hazelnut Latte at Cafe Mekka Coffee in Nevada City, California.
  5. Tiger’s Tail Latte at East of Java Coffee in Clearwater, Florida (unfortunately they are shut down).

How about you, what are your favorite Latte’s and where are they?