Have you ever asked yourself, Why should I read the Puritans? Well Ref21 has a good covering on John Owen this month that provides some answers through looking closely at one very trendy throughback to the Puritans, and Kelly Kapic overs some helpful advice for how to go about reading the man here. The few works I’ve read by Owen (Mortification of Sin, and Communion with God, The Death of Death) were deep treasures filled with wonderful spiritual reflections on our need for Christ and the goodness God has extended us in welcoming us into his family. One of the things I really gained from Sovereign Grace’s influence on me in my college days was a deep appreciation for the Purtians. I’m personally glad to see the puritans still finding a popular influence among younger Christians today. I don’t know if it was the agrigarian backdrop of some of them, or their local parish context, or their commitment to Biblical Theology before it developed as a discipline, but there is something timeless about their pastoral wisdom.

WTS bookstore has some good deals on Owen’s works here. They’ve got a collection of his writings on CD for only 25 bucks, not bad. One last thought here, the guy kinda looks like a heavy metal hair guitarist doesn’t he? 🙂