CityNet is a unique conversation between pastors from different denominations, different ethnicities, about the way can join together to reach the City for the Kingdom of God. I was blessed again as I sat down with these leaders who all have missional passions to see Philadelphia reached with the Gospel, word and deed. The vision of CityNet is “Working for the advance of Christ’s Kingdom through church planting, leadership development and the ministry of justice expressed in mercy. ” 

Why do I appreciate being apart of this conversation?

Well, here is a little of what our time looked like today. Bill Krispin, the leader of the gnarly group of pastors, opened us by sharing about his future and the future of CityNet, then encouraged us to discuss CityNet’s future amongst our round table groups. At my table alone there were pastors from the largest Chinese 1st generation and 2nd generation Church in Philadelphia which meets in China Town. They were discussing the challenges they’re having between these groups and the struggles that the 1st generation Chinese members are encountering with running family businesses in South Street, a crime ridden part of the city. Part of the dynamic there is that they do not trust American banks and so they often get robbed because the criminal element of the area knows they don’t keep their money in the bank. There was a women who’s the director of a large mercy ministry thrift shop discussing how she could better integrate her ministries with the local churches that are surrounding her. She shared with us about some of the mercy leaders she’s keeps up with called ThriftNet. There was a leader of what I like to call the SeminaryNext, Lamp, discussing some of the struggles he’s having with accreditation so they can raise up organic leaders within the city where character is the main focus in their development and not traditional education topics or departments. Finally there was me, discussing some of the challenges and lessons I’m learning as I intern at New Life Dresher. We recently built our first building, which has given us many struggles with issues we never faced before like upkeep, we desire to remain a Church more focused on going to the world than asking them to come to us. Which means we have some challenging and difficult judgements to make in near future in order to set the right tone for this new ‘space’.

Simply put the conversation was refreshing and challenging and the prayer which followed was even more so. I encourage you all to look at CityNet and email Bill Krsipin or one of the other leaders if you’d love to start a broader community of missional leaders to reach your city with the gospel, word and deed.