For some time now I’ve been meaning to point readers of Sets ‘N” Service to Westminster Bookstore’s online media section. I remember being in college and ordering from Regent’s online bookstore different classes given there by J.I. Packer, N.T. Wright, and Gordon Fee; they were helpful and years latter I still return to listen to them.

Here are my top ten from the wonderful online resources that I think are among the best of Westminster’s audio files. Some are actually classes given at Westminster. In Today’s tech world, even a seminary education as academic and informed as Westminster’s or Regent’s is available at the click of a button – minus the in class discussion and teacher student chats. I hope these resources are helpful to you.

A Short Course In Sonship by Jack and Rose Marie Miller

Westminster Standards  by Sinclair Ferguson

Contextual Theology by Harvie Conn

New Testament Introduction by Moises Silva

Understanding Theology by John Frame

Doctrine of Church by Edmund Clowney

Methods of Biblical Change by Paul Tripp

Thoughts on Mission by Jack Miller

Union With Christ and the Life of the Christian by Richard Gaffin, Peter Enns, and Timothy Lane

The Raymond B. Dillard Collection  collected by Westminster Media