patefactio: disclosure, manifestation, a making known. In general, the Protestant scholastics use patefactio to indicate the self-disclosure of God in Christ, and revelatio, which implies an uncovering for someone or an impartation of knowledge to someone, to indicate the scriptural or verbal revelation of God. Thus patefactio serves more generally as a synonym for [the Greek word] epiphaneia and revelatio as the equivalient of [the Greek word] apocalypsis. (Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms, pg. 219)

One of the things that I continue to wrestle with as I come to grips with the nature of Christ and the nature of Scripture is this matter of patefactio and revelatio. How does the incarnation of Christ relate to the revelation of scripture? That there relationship has great significance to how we envision healthy and helpful ways for reading scripture in light of its own context and in the light of our 21’st century context? Can the Protestant scholastic help guide us and counsel us as we wrestle with these issues today?