We’ve all had friendships on the rocks, fights with our families that seem to leave us wondering if there is more to relationships than just having a sounding board for more memorable experiences in life. Tim Lane and Paul Tripp take their readers through the Mess, and what makes the mess of relationships so worth it.

This is one you don’t want to miss. Listen to how this book has impacted Peter Enns, a professor at Westminster Seminary;

Tim Lane and Paul Tripp’s Relationships: A Mess Worth Making is a straightforward and encouraging book about a biblical perspective on relationships. This is no quick-fix guide to make relationships “work for you,” but a call to see how the inevitable struggles in all our relationships have a God-designed redemptive purpose. From reading this book I saw more clearly how relationships become idolatrous when we see them as an end in themselves, not a means for God to work his purposes. We see how relationships expose our weaknesses so the Lord can begin to renew us in his image and work more effectively in and through us. I commend Lane and Tripp for penetrating the complexities of our fallen relationships and showing us how the Lord is in the midst of them. (wtsbooks.com)