Scot McKnight has a wonderful blog on the art of conversation at JesusCreed today. Here are five elements McKnight says form the recipe for good conversation; 

First, a good conversation (and therefore a good conversationalist) requires a safe environment.

Second, a good conversation requires a good topic or a good question.

Third, a good conversation operates on the basis of frequently-unexpressed but nearly always assumed, shared assumptions.

Fourth, a good conversation requires the spirit of exploration and experimentation

Fifth, a good conversation desires wisdom.

It was Scot’s first point that made me take a closer look at his piece, safe space, what is it? According to him, “By this I mean space — somewhere to feel comfortable; and I mean at least two people with listening skills; and I mean the ability to disagree if necessary but not denounce, condemn or berate.” Why is it that safe space seems in short supply today in the church and Christian academy? What does the absense of safe space do to Christians? Are people seeking safe space only to avoid accountability, perhaps in part, but I believe that there is more to it. Can we have safe space while maintaining accountability for our life and doctrine? Is safe space always a good thing to have, or is there unsafe space that we all must engage as well? Scot’s post has raised a number of questions for me to ponder, I encourage you all to stop by and read the post.