Disciple (mathetes) says we are people who spend our lives apprenticed to our master, Jesus Christ. We are in growing-learning relationships, always. A disciple is a learner, but not in the academic setting of a schoolroom, rather at the work site of a craftsman. We do not acquire information about God but skills in faith. (pg. 13, A Long Obedience in the same direction: Discipleship in an instant society by Eugene Peterson)

I was recently asked to give a definition for discipleship, after stammering around a bit I said that Discipleship is “Living the Gospel before others in order to encourage them to follow in the way of Jesus.” I liked the definition but I really appreciate Peterson’s larger message in his book, discipleship is a long obedience. Its not a class we sit in and graduate from, its a lesson in faith that we must continue learne before the feet of Jesus.

I chose the words in my definition because I felt saying its about ‘following the way of Jesus’ would emphasis the wisdom dimension to the Christian life rather than just a growth in piety or morality (though I believe in the puritan’s piety and wisdom where not so far apart).

How can we encourage others to follow this road of long obedience? Thoughts, comments…