“Spirituality or devotional life seems to mean withdrawal from the world, charging my battery, and then going out into the world. The image is of an automobile which runs on batteries only. The batteries are charged for so many hours during the night and then the automobile runs so many miles during the day until the batteries become too weak to pull the car. For more mileage one would have to charge the batteries for a longer period of time. Transferred to the spiritual sphere, this means: so many minutes of spiritual exercise will give me so much mileage for the day that follows. And if I find that I am run down before evening, this simply means that I have to spend more time in the morning charing my spiritual battery.

In this view, then, my “true” Christian life consists of those so-called spiritual moments, away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. To be sure, all that hubbub is actually anti-spiritual, because it taps my stored-up spiritual resources, it drains my spiritual power away, it is a threat to my spirituality. I would, therefore, much rather live on angels’ food only and have as little as possible to do with the things of this world.” (pgs. 11-12, Spirituality of the Road by David J Bosch)

Spirituality of the pew or spirituality of the road? Can’t decide, I’d take’em both!