The Student Missions Fellowship will sponsor the 2007 Missions Conference at Westminster Theological Seminary all next week (February 12-16). Theme this year is “Becoming servants of Theology and Training to the Global Church.” Find all details here. Scot Bryant, was the leader and creator of this wonderful conference and is the happily married man of Bill Krispen bueatiful dauther, Karen Krispen Bryant.

Here’s a glace at the particulars of the conference:

Student Missions Fellowship Missions Conference
Rust Auditorium, Van Til Hall, at Westminster Theological Seminary, February 12-16, 2007

The theme of our conference this year will be ‘Becoming servants of Theology and Training to the Global Church‘. Our goal is to give students, the seminary and other attenders:

1. A vision for spreading sound Biblical theological education and leadership training to the global church where such resources are unavailable or scarce, and

2. Insight to different models for pursuing this mission well.

No reservations or registration necessary. There are no fees for the conference, and the public is welcome! For more information, email

The speakers will include:

  • Wilson Chow, President and Professor of Biblical Studies at the China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong, China

  • Michael Oh, President of Christ Bible Seminary, Nagoya, Japan and Mission To the World Missionary

  • Frank Anderson, President of Center for Urban Theological Studies, Philadelphia

  • Bill Krispin, Executive Director of CityNet Ministries, Philadelphia

  • Mark Sarracino, Director of CityNet Leadership Training, Philadelphia

  • Carl Ellis, Project Joseph and Dean of Intercultural Studies and Lecturer of Practical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

The topics will include:

Date 10:30 Lecture: Topic & Speaker 1:00 Seminar: Lunch Topic & Speaker
Mon Spreading Theology and Training: Models and Contexts (Bill Krispin) (30 min) The Other Half of the Church: Equipping Women (Panel Discussion; Moderator, Patty Comber)
(1 hr)
Tu The Global Need (and Strategic Opportunity) for Theology and Training (Wilson Chow) (45 min) Special Time 10:10 What Kind of Theology Does the Global Church Need? Mission, the Reformed Faith and Training (Wilson Chow) (1 hr)
W What Seminaries Can Do (Wilson Chow) (45 min) Why a Teaching/Training Ministry Overseas Should Be Your First Option (Michael Oh) (1 hr)
Th Urban Theological Training at the Grass Roots (Frank Anderson) (45 min) Special Time 10:10 Missional Leadership for the 21st Century (Mark
Sarracino) (1 hr)
F What Now? The Challenge for Seminarians/Future
Pastors and Leaders (Carl Ellis) (30 min)
Panel Discussion with Westminster Students Who Are
Practitioners of Theological Training (Moderator, Mike
Kelly) (1 hr)