“But what we do is look around for ways to affirm and cultivate our new life in Christ outside our workplace. And soon we find, quite to our delight, that there is a lot to choose from. A huge religious marketplace has been set up in North America to meet the needs and fantasies of people just like us. There are conferences and gatherings custom-designed to give us the lift we need. There are books, videos, and seminars that promise to let us in on the Christian “secret” of whatever it is we feel is lacking in our life – financial security, well-behaved children, weight loss, sex, travel to holy sites, exciting worship, celebrity teachers. The people who promote these goods and services all smile a lot and are good-looking. They are obviously not bored.

It isn’t long before we’re standing in line to buy whatever is being offered. And because none of the purchases does what we had hoped for, or at least not for long, we’re soon back to buy another, and then another. The process is addicting. We become consumers of packaged spiritualities.” (pgs. 35-36 in Living the Resurrection by Eugene Peterson)

I couldn’t help but be taken back by Peterson’s analysis of how nominal Christians live life when they don’t take spirituality seriously in their workplace. Their religion, like much else after the 9-5 buzz, becomes a commodity they sift through at times interested in what’s new or hot and at other times just trying to stay entertained until the next day of buzz.

Are you one of the consumers in this picture, buying pre-packaged spirituality? I think everyone of us can feel the sting from this critique, at some time or another we thoughtlessly and unprayerfully treated a book or seminar or perhaps even a conversation between friends as though it was a commodity we’d purchase in order to become spiritually hip.

God doesn’t call us to be hipsters, to be the hotest commodity in todays market. Where this hits me right now is how I gear up for my pastoral interviews or coverletter resumees, you know what, its ok to have weaknesses, to not fulfill the items on other Christians pre-packed spirituality shop list. Spirituality isn’t about having all the answers or all the gifts, its not something you become more or less on good and bad days. Its something you are in Christ. His resurrection power lives in you through the Spirit.

Don’t be consumers of pre-packed fluff, rather enjoy and marvel that the power that raised up God’s Son lives and abides in you through the Spirit, and that power seeks and desires to make much of God’s glory…