“…proper missiology cannot be constructed without a robust, corresponding ecclesiology – a doctrine and model of the local church. A more precise representation of our understanding might be that missiology is most biblical when it flows through and returns to ecclesiology. ” (Dave Harvey, Missiology: Entering the field of the Lord)

Mission comes from somewhere, it comes from the heart of God moving His people to share Christ with their neighbors. To welcome their neighbors into the fellowship of the saints where they can see and taste the goodness of the our Lord’s love. ‘Doing church’ empowers us to be ‘Doing mission’. 

As Piper says, “The goal of mission is worship. Mission exists because worship does not.” And where do we see the full nature of worship, in the gathering of the saints, in their corporate celebration and remembrance of the Lord through the fellowship meal, and in the love and care we extend to one another through these fellowships throughout the week.

missiology is most biblical when if flows through and returns to ecclesiology“, simply put there is no mission with the church and there is no church without mission; they share a parasitic relationship with one another, and especially with God. A healthy church is one that is passionate about mission, and a healthy mission is one that is nurtured and refreshed by the church…