Fiting in, its a constant challenge, a constant subliminal intrigue, its constant. It’s not constant, Christ is constant and fiting in is actually something that we should reckon apart of our post-fall situation. If Adam and Eve hadn’t taken the fruit would so many of us feel the need to fit in with our surroundings, would we feel the fear and sting of social ostracizing? Not likely, like so many things that seem common place in our lives upon closer examination they may indeed be common place but not normal place.

Think about how much time and effort we spend in order to fit in. I even once read a book called Hello I’m Significant which was all about how a quest for authenticity and individuality was actually just another fad of our pop culture time. So what do we do with ourselves, or as Schaffer may have asked, how then shall we live in a ‘fit in world’?

I think the best thing we can do is remember that ‘Blessed are the uncool’ as Paul Grant would say. That our identity and self-worth aren’t found in the masses but rather in the one who’s the object of the Mass (forgive the Catholic play on words). Christ. Its not that being up on the cultural ebb and flow is bad, but when we find ourselves be carried solely by that ebb and flow we’ve lost something distinct about ourselves, our other-worldliness. Apart of our identity that says things like ‘reckon all things new in Chrit’ and ‘from this time forth count no man according to the flesh’ and even ‘you are raised with Christ, seek those things which are above’. 

Fiting in is fine, but being used as an ambassador of change in a world of change is even better…