Sometimes I get this picture of God on a vintage mic in heaven beaming down and through his word the smooth, rough sounds of his voice in those times in life when only a noise from a vintage mic could get our attention. His voice doesn’t sound like the cleaner, crisper mics of today – it has time and experience in its tone.

Hearing actually characterizes our relationship more than seeing or even feeling for that matter. Often times our experiences with God don’t come until after we’ve heard him speak to us through the reading of his word. Its not that I don’t think creation can speak to us, it can, but its God’s word that brings life and light to our lives. Creation brings wonder, scripture helps understand the meaning of all wonder, the mystery of Christ.

As Bruce Waltke says, “The listening ear characterizes true Israel’s relationship with God more than the seeing eye. In God’s encounters with Israel he is always heard, but rarely seen.” (quote from ‘The Dance Between God and Humanity’). Sometimes the best thing we can do is just take time and read scripture to ourselves and let the Father minster to us as the Spirit opens up His word to us, as the Spirit says “behold the wonder and majesty of the Son’s love for you, for the world.”

Never be mislead by a spirituality that places more emphasis on seeing than on hearing, on feeling than on believing. Icon is important, but words are Gods chosen vehicle of saving revelation, the vehicle that tells us of His Son. A biblical spirituality is a ‘biblical’ spirituality…