The cities are filled with people in need of God’s loving grace. The cities continue to be the centers of power and influence, and we must be about the task of doing the work of evangelism in these crowded centers where people of all nations have come to live not as tourists but as citizens embracing their religions without concern for God’s special revelation.” – Mani Ortiz, ‘Seminary: A Place for Missiological Preparedness’


Cities are important. This shouldn’t need defence but many times our Evangelical proclivities for suburbia and our conservative use and leave approaches to the city need to be chastise, and the best place to begin is by restating the value of cities. Cities are the centers of power and influence, they are the place where the masses gather for commerce and many for residence. They remain the most dense human communities in the world.


Mani’s exhortation because of these truths remains as needed as ever. The nations have come to our cities, they are happy to bring their faiths with them, and they have little concern for God’s special revelation. It is past time for us to actively evangelize them. We gather together and evangelize the nations at Olympic events because we’re sure that strategically its necessary but we often forget or merely give a nod to the presence of nations gathered and living together within a 30 minute trip of our driveways.

The City and Evangelism belong together.