It just makes sense…”, this is how I first explained what had happened to me in the field the weekend before.

I’ve always kind of known, but I was powerless to really believe it was as good as it sounded…”

You see its simple, life isn’t safe, and the fences we put up don’t protect us…”, my friend just kind of smiled at me like I’d taken one to many tote’s. ‘You’ve been sampling what you’re getting ready to sell huh man’, was the casual response.

No, not at all, well actually that was the plan but the canoe flipped and well that wasn’t the only thing that got submerged last weekend – man its like some deep part of my heart, my life was really buried with him, died with him…”

You see I always thought that he was the safe thing that everyone fell back to once they finished doing whatever they were seeking at the moment for thrills, but really he isn’t safe at all…”, my buddy just said, ‘ok man I get it you’re pretty excited and that’s ?great?, but what do you mean Jesus isn’t safe? Isn’t he like the guy who took it on his cheek his whole life? Church is the safest place on earth that’s why people always flee there in the movies right 🙂 ‘, my friend said chuckling.

Jesus died, many of his original chosen twelve died, the Christian life is a life of the cross and the cross isn’t safe. Far from being safe this whole Jesus-God-Bible-Church thing is a lifestyle of pain and loss…but it is living…”

That’s how my first experience of sharing my faith with someone went. I wish I hadn’t forgotten how stricken I was by the truth that Jesus isn’t safe, that the Church isn’t safe, but in many ways I’ve forgotten and in many other ways the Church as a whole often forgets that Jesus isn’t safe. Jesus saved us through violence, Jesus endured violence, Jesus stood against violence; why do we often live like that lifestyle was a ‘then’ but not ‘now’ attribute of our faith? Brothers and sisters if you’re suffering or feeling like you’re social relationships are totally in a whirl or your family hates you for your faith or you’ve just lost that big promotion because you pray and seek His face; then let me remind you, he isn’t safe, safety often becomes our idol.

Be of cheer, if life isn’t safe it may be because you’re walking the way of the cross with him. Climbing the barbed wire fences of social ostracizing to proclaim as loudly and graciously as you can to all who will listen that Jesus is life, but life isn’t safe seems crazy, but it’s always worth the marks you get along the way.

…Jesus has marks of His own, they’re for you, for His Father will to be fulfilled in and through you.