“…Christ mediates God’s covenant with God’s Church both as he effects that covenant in his history and as he draws God’s chosen into that covenant in faith through his history.” Calvin’s Christology by Stephen Edmondson

Edmonson believes that one can fruitfully harmonize Calvin’s writings in order to compose a systematics from his thoughts that he did not lay down in the Institutesalone. He says what characterized Calvin’s Christology more than anything was his concern for history, which he expressed through his narrative theology; and his concern for relationality, which he expressed through seeing Christ as mediator and prophet/priest/king.

Its not hard while reading Calvin to see both these traits come out in manifold ways, and its a rich experience to read through the eyes of one like Calvin. One of the things Edmondson said toward the end of his book caught my attention, the quote above. Redemptive history for Christ was not merely an acuality in time and space, but rather a means to ‘effecting’ God’s covenant with man and ‘drawing’ man into that covenant by faith in the very history that ‘effected’ it. Which is simply to say that Christ’ story flowed from his relationship with the Father as a faithful Son fulling the Father’s will for man, and also for man’s relationship with the Father that he couldworship the Father as ‘abba’. For Calvin, according to Edmondson, Christ’ labor was first and foremost a mediatoral one to the end of reconciling relationships.

Hmm. So the gospel is all about Christ’ covenantal work for our stories and the Father’s glory. If lives aren’t changed, if relationships aren’t restored, if worship isn’t a ‘new’ normal part of daily experience then the gospel labor of Christ as mediator has yet taken its fuller effects in our lives AND this means that the gospel of Christ has value for our daily relationships as each of us maneuver the messy bends and turns vulnerability and trust take us on with each other and with our Father…