As I exited seminary I did my best to have a few lunches and get as much help with building a list of resources for the local church on bible studies. One of the people I had the pleasure of coffee with was Mike Kelly (Prophets professor at Westminster Theological Seminary). I asked Mike if there were any good sources on the Prophets that were approachable, honest on difficult exegetical issues, and pastoral in their application on that portion of scripture? Unfortunately Mike said there weren’t any just yet but there were bits and pieces of help in different commentaries and other sources.

It vexes me that there doesn’t seem to be many good resources written for the local church on so many important issues today, or even rudimentary needs like bible studies on the prophets. Its like there is a chasm between Seminary readings and local church readings that has been instituted by wider socio-economic causes that none of us can quiet put our finger on, sigh…

For instance did you know that many biblical scholars suggest a connection between Ezekiel’s vision of resurrection and the way Genesis 1-2 speaks about the original creation of man. Or that Ezekiel’s vision of resurrection is being directed to Israel who’s in desperate need of exodus from her exile. Its as if Ezekiel in one of the most powerful prophetic visions recorded in scripture is taking the story of original creation and the consummation of all things in resurrection and saying to Israel fear not, YHWH (God) has been doing this sort of thing since the beginning, He is able to do it again beyond your own imagination.

Resurrection, Restoration, and Re-Creation are mutual friends, they’re like the kids who always like to ride in the same seat on your morning bus ride. God uses them to bring us life, Christ signified all these things in his own obedience. In his resurrection he was proclaimed the Son of God, it was only after his resurrection that he truly began to make all things new – to re-create all things. These truths that seem so far apart in our bibles are really part of one amazing story of redemption wrote by our God as the ONE author of scripture.

Sigh, Lord as I marvel at the way you’ve sown me together in my mother’s womb and am reminded by Ezekiel’s vision of resurrection how you have promised to sow me together again one day I can only stop and fall to my knees, saying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of life!”