Jess and I met Athlone Clarke at a small artist market down in Decatur, GA this past weekend. We agreed, Athlone’s work was thoughtful, in your face and not – as he said it – “meant for people only interested in decorating their suburbia homes”. Here’s a pic of Athlone and his wife;

We unfortunately did not have the extra money this month to purchase one of Athlone’s pieces but because he’s close by we plan on getting the funds together hopefully soon. Here are a few more of Athlone’s pieces;

Here’s a brief write up on him, I believe by Athlone himself;

“Athlone Clarke was born in Jamaica and migrated to the United State in 1985. He presently lives in Douglasville, GA with his wife and his three children. He has been an artist for most of his life and his work has been collected both nationally and internationally. He is a mixed media artist who thrives on experimentation and strongly believes that the work should be capable of provoking emotions, whether positive or negative, and that indifference is poison to the artist. The work should be more important than the artist and conscequently far more eloquent than anything the artist could write about himself.”

If you’re interested in collecting thoughtful, mixed-media art that’s closeby Athlone schedule is worth checking out…