I found these linked by Jim Hancock‘s blogsite, they’re from Grace’s blogsite. Let me know what you think…

If I had to trace a theme through these examples and the others on Grace’s blogsite I’d have to say the emphasis is on immanence, God is near us. And because he is near us ought we not to be near our neighbors? I think implicit in the idea of immanence is personal knowledge, intimacy and awareness of all the little things that make one different from others. I appreciate the immanence emphasis, which isn’t to say that I think transcendence isn’t important, it is – deeply.

I remember a coffee I had with a friend who’s apart of a church plant in a university city area. We were talking about liturgy and its function in their mission as a church. For them ‘high church’ liturgy with a Jazz influence wasn’t an obstacle to overcome for non Christians,  it was a way to point at the beauty, mystery, and intrigue of God who is as transcendent as ours is. I remember saying that it wouldn’t work in the beachy towns in Florida where I’m from because its the very absence of immanence that we find so disturbing about churches, its the traditional garb that makes people lose sight of the incarnational nature of God’s truth and beauty.

Remembering this coffee conversation has made me wonder how much of our choice of misisonal commitments are framed in part by our own appreciation of relevancy to our indeginous cultures. Perhaps the missional buzzwords in the church today are in part a reflection of that…perhaps.