“On the one hand, the church is a “pilot plant” of the kingdom of God. It is not simply a collection of individuals who are forgiven. It is a “royal nation” (1 Peter 2:9), in other words, a counterculture. The church is to be a new society in which the world can see what family dynamics, business practices, race relations, and all of life can be under the kingship of Jesus Christ. God is out to heal all the effects of sin: psychological, social, and physical. On the other hand, the church is to be an agent of the kingdom. It is not only to model the healing of God’s rule but to spread it…To spread the kingdom of Christ is more than simply winning people to Christ. It is also working for the healing of persons, families, relationships, and nations; it is doing deeds of mercy and seeking justice. It is ordering lives and relationships and institutions and communities according to God’s authority to bring in the blessedness of the kingdom.” Tim Keller, Ministries of Mercy, pg. 54

The Church is essentially a community (a royal nation) that is counterculture to the larger communities around it.

The Church is a new society that witnesses to the world what the power of God’s kingdom means in daily living.

The Church is the agent of the kingdom of God. Not just a model of the healing of God but the instrument by which he spreads it.

The Church spreads the kingdom of God by more than just winning souls but rather by healing persons, families, relationships, and even nations.

The Church is the agent of God’s recreation of all things.

Substantially now but consumationally when Christ returns to create all things new!