‘The Jesus Film’ has been one of the most successful evangelistic tools of the modern church. Maybe you have seen it, or perhaps you’ve even worked on translating it or using it overseas. Well Campus Crusade for Christ is launching a new evangelistic tool: world-less artistic video shorts.

‘Doll Face’ is not one of about forty they have in production right now. But it at least starts the conversation about what they might look like. Check it out and tell me what you think its about? Do you think these kind of tools could reach people cross-culturally; trans-generationally?

[Doug from their project team left this comment]

I am involved with this Short Film Strategy. Our goal is to use short films to springboard into deeper spiritual conversations about Christ with people that God brings into our lives. Powerful story on screen gives language and image to what we are feeling. In just a few minutes one is emotionally and intellectually drawn into the story discussing spiritual themes like redemption, forgiveness, rescue, trust and truth.

I see just by the responses so far that you are engaging in discussion about what the film means. This is great.

Also as a note of clarification, we weren’t involved with the production of “Doll Face” This is a film that was created by Andy Hauang and is available through http://www.rootfilm.com/. It is also available on Damah Vol. 6 at http://damah.com/store.html