I found Craig Evans questions in his chapter in the edited volume by Scot McKnight, Introducing New Testament Interpretation, helpful handrails for engaging the OT in the NT. Here’s the main subpoints he lays out;

  1. What OT text(s) is(are) being cited?
  2. Which text-type is being followed (Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic)? What are the meanings of these versions?
  3. Is the OT citation [or allusion, echo, etc.] part of a wider tradition or theology in the OT?
  4. How did various Jewish and Christian groups and interpreters understand the passage in question?
  5. In what ways does the NT citation [or allusion, echo, etc.] agree or disagree with the interpretations found in the versions and other ancient exegeses? Has the Jesus/Christian tradition distinctively shaped the OT citation and its interpretation curren in pre-Christian Judaism[s]?
  6. How does the function of the citation [or allusion, echo, etc.] compare to the function of other citations [or allusions, echos, etc.] in the NT writings under consideration?
  7. Finally, what contributions does the citation [or allusion, echo, etc.] make to the argument of the NT passage in which it is found?