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I came across Purves book in the forthcoming section of IVP, it looks like a great read on understanding the nature of pastoral struggles. Purves is a Practical Theology professor at Pittsburg Theological Seminary. I haven’t read Purves before but I’m planing on getting this and going through it. Its a helpful reminder to me that my ‘union with Christ’ has a meaningful and central statement to make to me in my daily struggles as a pastor. Below is a copy of the table of contents to peak your interest.

Introduction: Has God Killed Your Ministry Yet?

1. What’s in a Name?
2. Who Are You, Lord and What Are You Up To? Ministry is Who God Is and What God Does
3. The Crucifixion of Ministry: Christ in Our Place
4. Getting In On Christ’s Ministry: Union With Christ
5. Having Hitched a Ride: Ministry Today 

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