I read a very helpful post over at Provocative Church today on how to improve recruitment and communication by Bill Reichart. I offer to all of you to consider, I didn’t include this part of it but he had some thoughtful things to say about the way we grow numb to forms of media after while and the importance of guarding our use of them. Check out his five levels of communication below or go over and see the whole post here.


Five Levels of Communication

1- Broadcast – not to anyone specific/general group of people (ie. Big Creek Blast – our e-newsletter, Bulletin, Print Newsletter, Website)

Benefits: Sow broadly, ease of communication, speed of communication

Disadvantages: Message is sown broadly; to people it doesn’t apply to. The old adage, “Everyone’s challenge is nobody’s challenge”

2 – Email – to specific person/group of people

Benefits: Ease of communication, speed of communication

Disadvantages: Just because sent, doesn’t guarantee it was read, people are inundated with a lot of email, more impersonal. Also, with email it hard to communicate emotion and urgency.

3 – Pinger– to specific person/group of people (www.pinger.com – this is like a calling post, but to people’s cell phones)

Benefits: Ease of communication, speed of communication, power of using voice, more apt to get people’s attention

Disadvantages: No two-way communication/feedback isn’t real-time, no guarantee it is listened to.

4- Phone call – to a specific person

Benefits: Real time two-way communication and feedback, a call gets their attention and more potential to get immediate results

Disadvantages: Time and energy intensive, people can screen calls, may not get them in – therefore playing phone tag. Can only communicate with one person at a time. [Leaving a voice mail does not count as making a phone call!]

5 – Face to Face Communication – to a specific person (or to a group of people)

Benefits: Real time two-way communication and feedback (verbal and non-verbal). Highest guarantee of desired results.

Disadvantages: Effort to find and get time with a person. Must work at getting physical proximity in order to communicate. Usually can only communicate effectively with fewer numbers of people.

These five levels of Communication are on a scale of effectiveness. As you recruit members on your team, don’t forget that the best results will come from Level 4 or 5 Communication. But you and I need to be engaged in all levels of communication to be most effective.