I was praying and reading through different materials on Evangelism, feeling terribly artificial in preparing to c0-lead a six week session on Evangelism all the while having to repent for my lack of it, when I began to feel really defeated. Not just for myself and my habits but for the church as a whole, the ways we enclose and become ingrown. I began to tell myself that the Lord can’t use people like us, like me, to reach others. When all of a sudden a familiar stranger from the distance approached me in his pages and helped me see that humility and vulnerability are the two best places to begin when sharing the gospel. Listen to Jack’s thoughts from ‘A Faith Worth Sharing: A lifetime of conversations about Christ’. He’s recalling what happened after he and Rose Marie his wife had been very vulnerable while sharing their faith on a plane, and had handed the persons a pamphlet when they realized that others wanted one as well, listen in;

“Faces were smiling and several hands reached out for the pamphlets. I know that they were able to take them instead of retreating in suspicion because they had heard Rose Marie and me confess many of our weaknesses. We have made a conscious effort to move with humility into the lives of other people, to love them from below, rather than from above. Our weaknesses have become our point of contact and this openness and vulnerability causes people to open up to us in return.”

Telling needy and broken people that you have eternal life can make you seem like the spiritual shop owner they must pass through in order to find that perfect purchase. Jack reminded me that I’m not a shop owner, but just as needy as my neighbor for the gospel.

If this is you today, you feel defeated and deflated, take courage my friend and speak easy and openly. Our confessions at times pave the path for their own, and regardless of whether they do or not – don’t we have confessions to make…

I confess Lord I need you

I’m weak

I’m vulnerable

Cynicism and sarcasm won’t cover the gaping hole of despair.

Jesus draw me up some water so that I my own thirst will be quenched, but make it a big bucket because I don’t want to take in alone…