Here’s the opening slide for a six week series on ‘Living with the Psalms’ I’ll be leading for our Adult school of discipleship. I had a hard time narrowing down the background theme for the series. At first I thought about using nature shots because so much of the Psalms is given to describing and prescribing God glory because of the beauty of his creation…but honestly I felt that would narrow un-necessarily the artistic imagination the Psalms can cast upon the way we live.

I’ve chosen instead to use a style of photography called ‘multiple exposure’; and found an artist (frzw’s) who applies this style both to nature and public space. My hope is that this manner of background display will encouraged our group to realize that the Psalms while being songs of worship for the King, are as well songs of the Kingdom – songs lived in the complexity of human engagements. That the Psalms as a canonical corpus is meant to live afresh in their lives, maintaining its original historical exposure but making its imprint on their present life exposures – Psalms hermeneutically speaking are ‘multiple exposures’!