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Pride of place goes to  Tod E Bolsinger’s touching testimonies of churches working through the season of rebuilding in Southern California.

Dr. James Emery White’s thoughts on “The World Without Us” book. Another of his I found thoughtful was his post entitled, “The Mark of a Christian“. He’s professor of Theology and Culture over at Gordon-Conwell.

There was an interesting read at the Catalyst Blog on “Five Reasons Why Churches Cannot Ignore Branding” 

Art Boulet’s been doing an interesting series on Matthew’s use of the Prophets (01; o2; 03)

JollyBlogger reviews “The Christians as the Romans Saw Them“.

Dan Wallace has a nice post on Textual Criticism 101

Mark Dever talks about what it takes to have a healthy Church

Daniel Kirk has a brief muse on Richard Hays thoughts on 1 Corinthians and where our identity is found.

Paul Wirth of Relevant Church, Tampa, Fl has an interesting piece called “Sacred Church“.

If you haven’t read Todd Hiestand piece on Missional Suburbia you should, several helpful contextual lines drawn within it.

Brad Brisco’s blogging through Trevor Hudson’s book, “A Mile In My Shoes”.

Eric Volz knows what’s the number one pole issue in our voting, BSSSSSSSSSSS, now that’s funny!