In lue of not having any youth plans or any other functions at East Lanier this past Wednesday I was able to take my beautiful wife away to celebrate her new job offer. We were big fans of Philadelphia’s premier restaurateur Stephen Starr. We’ve found an Atlanta alternate, Concentrics – granted they’re not as good as Starr’s restaurants but then again that’s why he’s called Star 🙂

I took Jess to the PieBar, we’ve also been to a few other Concentrics joints sense we’ve arrived down in Hotlanta; One Midtown Kitchen; Trois – actually Jess went to these with her old college roommates. It was a solid spot. There’s a neat story behind the building, it was actually going to be destroyed but the restaurant purchase saved it from destruction. Anyway if your in town and craving for some good pizza with a great atmosphere PieBar is the place to go.